Development Service

The regulatory approval environment for the development of real estate has become extremely sophisticated and complex. Nowadays, tackling the multitude of development complexities is only for an organization with the highest level of professional skills, in-house expertise and background experience....left to a company like SingBuilders a boutique developer.

Our reputation for handling boutique residential development transactions has been gained through our thorough understanding of:

  • The development potential and pitfalls of acquiring new property
  • Authorities’ development & planning policies, building control & legislation and procedures
  • Environmental risk assessment, remediation requirements and likely legislative changes to environmental liability
  • Knowledge & Skills in the construction process, building contracts and professional adviser arrangements
  • Bank finance both secured and unsecured
  • Institutional finance and forward funding techniques

Real Estate Services and Investment

  • Project Management Services

    Project Management scope of professional services covers from the Pre- Construction, Construction and Post Construction stage.

    At the Pre construction stage, Project Management covers from proposing and recommending selection of the consultant team for the project. The task includes briefing and managing the preparation of conceptual and the details of the project following the owner’s instructions and requirements. Inviting tenders and managing the preparation before the construction begins are part of its responsibilities.

    During the construction stage, the supervision and over all coordination throughout the contract period are under Project Management. It handles the project budgeting and payment matters as well. It supervises the preparation and submission of progress report s and monitors at agreed intervals.

    After the construction stage, Project Management handles the finalization of the project account. It facilitates and closely monitors the project until the attainment of the TOP and CSC thereafter. Its services to the project will be until the handing over of the premises.

  • Real Estate Investment Advisory
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